• Air Navigation Conference in Aerospace Engineering University of Cádiz.

    On November 12 took place in the Aula Magna of the University of Cádiz a special event called “Days of Air Navigation”. This has consisted of two parts, the first was a course taught by Air Navigation Juan Bautista Grau Flight Instructor FI (A), a professional pilot currently active. The second is made up of a briefing on the profession of commercial drivers and their licenses, which was attended by 250 people.

    AircraftThe days have been very well received both by teachers and by students who were curious by profession making numerous questions about a sea full of doubts. The road to a job: Commercial Pilot.

    Among the main topics to be taught include requirements necessary to achieve the different existing licenses due to the complexity in understanding each.

    Types licensed for airline pilot.

    List of Licenses for transport pilots, commercial and private.

    Private Pilot Course (PPL):

    Sports license allowing us to make flights without pay.
    Class 2 initial medical examination is required.
    Lets continue training for the commercial pilot.
    In order to make the first flight “solo” must have attained the age of 16.

    Theoretical subjects:

    Air law , navigation, meteorology, cga, human factors, performance and flight planning, principles of flight and radio.

    Flying time:

    A minimum of 45 hours of actual flight, of which 10 hours is flight “solo”.

    Transport pilot for an airline

    To perform during airline transport is required to have approved the selectivity, or failing that, having passed a test baccalaureate level: basic English, mathematics and physics.

    Commercial Pilot License CPL
    Modular course or integrated course.

    Course ATPL (A) Integrated

    The Integrated Transport Pilot Course Airlines is authorized by EFSA – State Aviation Safety Agency. Once passed the different tests the student obtains the Commercial Pilot Licence with Habilitation IFR and multiengine, Theory of Transport and MCC (Multi Crew Cooperation). Ie the authorizations necessary to practice the profession of Airline Pilot, Aerial Work, Air taxi licenses and etc.

    With these qualifications you can work for airlines any of the countries that are part of the JAA.

    Theoretical training

    Taught by professionals and specialists with high level of expertise in different areas (transport pilots, engineers, drivers and psychologists.

    Flight hours

    You will perform flight hours on all aircraft in the fleet, synthetic trainer and simulator.

    Requirements for Students

    • Minimum age: 18 years (16 years for first solo flight).
    • Medical examination: Class I (CIMA)
    • No previous experience is necessary.
    • All courses are integrated in approximately two years of study and practice flying.
    • You get a total of 180 flight hours and 90 hours of simulator.

    The highest possible rating is achieved in terms of aeronautical licenses and necessary to fly as co-pilot in airline.

    Licence Airline Transport Pilot Licence (ATPL)
    License to fly as PIC in commercial air transport.


    Being Commercial Pilot (CPL) with a particular flight experience and have approved the 14 ATPL theoretical examinations.

    Commercial Pilot License (CPL)
    Requirements for starting the course:

    • Private pilot license and experience in flight 150h
    • Minimum age is 18
    • Initial medical examination (Class 1)


    Act as pilot in command on any flight other than commercial air transport.
    You can fly on any flight co-pilot commercial air transport.

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