• Beechcraft King Air 350

    No other commercial airplane powered by turbine able to match the success of the Beech King Air. Sometimes, almost 90% of aircraft turboprop cabin around the world have been King Airs. Designed as an alternative Queen Air turboprop to the King model eventually replace the Queen Air as the first choice turboprop apparatus for companies.


    The King model in all its variations, is a beautiful airplane classic style and elegant line.

    Many of the improvements made in recent years have improved the efficiency aerodynamics, increased engine power and speed, avionics and electrical systems updated and increased the luxury cabinet. Besides serving as corporate aircraft, Also available in configurations for cargo transport.

    The Model 200 Super King Air was a significant change in design which represented the way forward for the following models.

    Tail design T-shaped arrow adopted, allowing the stabilizer and elevator area functioned in with low turbulence air, outside air downwash produced by the wing. It also provided a new look Aerodynamic the King Air. The length, size and power increased, with increased consignment payload. The aircraft it could carry up to 8 people in a cabin pressure altitude of 6740 feet flying at an altitude of 25,000 feet.

    Together with other improvements, Beech experimented with engines turbofan in the King Air. A test was conducted with this modification, but was never marketed.

    The latter derived from the King Air is the model 350. With the most powerful engines used to date a King Air (1050
    horses on the shaft) and a fuselage 34 longer than the 300 inches, the 350 sits on top of a great race. Pet up to 11 passengers in double club seats class, including standard on this luxury aircraft. A kitchenette and a system of flight entertainment provide the level of comfort that customers expect from King Air. The fins are characteristic external clearer that makes the 350 is easy to distinguish between his brothers King Air on the tarmac.

    King Air entire line is characterized by an exceptional basic design has been improved over time.

    It is a legend that is still the main choice for corporate flight operations. The King Air is a plane worthy of his royal name.

    The elegant King Air turboprop aircraft is a twin-engine high performance pressurized cabin. Its most frequent use is the corporate transportation and has a normal capacity of between 9 and 11 passengers (though is certified to carry up to 17 people). Its structure is characterized by the effective wing and flaps designed by NASA. The tail design T Super King Airs reflects the desire to provide the tickets improved aerodynamics, lighter forces control and a range of wider gravity center.

    Many young drivers have risen from the lowest ranks to the level of corporate flight flying in the seat right of a King Air. Piloting a wonderful Beech is a good transition to more complicated engine turbine and larger aircraft.


    • Beechcraft King Air 350
    • US System Metrical system
    • Cruising speed 315 knots, 363 mph 583 km per hour
    • Pratt & Whitney PT6A-60A 1050 horses on the shaft
    • Maximum range 1765 1582 mn mn IFR VFR 3509 km 1648 miles
    • Service ceiling of 10,668 meters 35000 feet
    • Fuel capacity 539 gallons (US) 2040 liters
    • Maximum takeoff weight 15,000 lbs 6818 kg
    • 46.7 feet Length 14.23 meters
    • 57.9 feet Wingspan 17.65 meters
    • 4.36 meters height 14.3 feet
    • Sleeps up to 11
    • 5910 lbs payload 2681 kg
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