• Chontrails and Chemtrails

    Since I always listen aviation myth of chemtrails, theories spraying us and contrails left by planes in the sky is no condensation if we chemicals throwing aircraft.

    The chemtrails as people who believe in it are without logos aircraft; unmarked and proceeding of strange routes, which spray civilian populations with chemicals to force climate change. More specifically, in Spain it is thought that it is proceeding to desertification of the peninsula.

    aircraftBut those are not the only theories, as we have from the link with UFOs to the possible manipulation of human beings. If they read this post we were cataloged as “disinformation” or “agents” trying to cover up the great truth, which is nothing more or less according to them; spraying us.

    They talk about airplanes without logos secrets sprayed and operate from airports, as this is obviously a lie, say they are equal to the commercial aircraft without passengers, camouflaged among the actual trade. As all these theories are easily refutable also say that pilots know nothing, which are additives put into the fuel and go on spraying atmosphere.

    Also discussed crossings airplanes, flying parallel planes flying on a collision course at the same level, track changes of aircraft and air traffic bit high normal sites. We will try to shed some light and logic to these statements and alleged investigations.

    The first is to call things by their name, the correct name is and Contrails are condensation trails produced by aircraft engines. Now discuss some issues of meteorology and the first thing we say is that in the atmosphere there are a thousand variables and what is in point does not have to be just 1 kilometer to the right or 500 feet above. That said let’s go point to point trying their arguments.

    Aircraft without logos or brands

    All aircraft are required to keep a register (registration) on the sides of the fin or tail boom and below the left wing, and there are thousands of websites where introducing registration plane leaves its history since leaving the factory and the various registers and companies have had during his lifetime. The planes do not have to carry logos or trademarks of the company in the belly of the plane, there are companies that if paint or write something but are the least, and especially military fighter aircraft belly painted so that “camouflage” the color of the sky to hinder observation.

    Airports and planes camouflaged secrets

    Obviously this falls under its own weight, right now in information culture where everything is within reach of a click, there is nothing secret or hidden, much less an entire airport; if not, that show where there may be one. There are also no planes “camouflaged” at airports, anyone who has traveled all aircraft vera discharge and charge other passengers and cargo planes are a little more separated from the passenger terminal, but perfectly see even hangars keeping most of the time have their doors open and you can see the work inside.

    Fuel additives

    And also runs the myth that fuel additives included and that the pilots are unaware they are spraying anything. I do not risk much to say that aviation fuel is the most checks passed and monitored, so that does not contain anything other than the fuel itself, because that affects the mechanics of the engine and combustion can reach to extinguish the flame if it is contaminated with something. Whoever wants to carry her a bottle of JET-A1; which is the reactor fuel and to make all chemical tests you want, and think about it … after going through a combustion chamber at 2500 ° K Do you really think that is something besides the flue gas?


    They are simply artificial clouds generated by the combustion engine airplanes are created above the altitude called “mintra” exhaust from aircraft introduced humidity and lower the relative humidity creating contrails, the coldest is the easiest air will create the trail with a small shot of moisture. The time endures trail in the air depends on the humidity, the more wet and cold is more endure over time the trail.

    Air traffic and aircraft crosses

    From land and visually, it is extremely difficult to know; not even estimate; the altitude of an aircraft, so we Disprove aircraft collision courses at the same level, you can see planes facing each other but at different levels, as many airways are two-way, not one-way. When two planes flying at the same altitude on the same airway going the aircraft backward faster than its predecessor, proceed to get on a plane of the airway to be overtaken by going faster, the scale of aviation is not same what it takes to overtake a car on a highway, it takes much time and distance do it.

    We played anything where these course changes occur, these crossings and other “weird” things have in the vicinity a radio aid or an airway point where it divides. When the air spaces are saturated enter the ATFM regulations where planes have hours of entry into the airspaces and can get quite congregate and watch planes in no time. In most airports, the position information is available from a book where all flights and frequencies at the airport are, except of course this, the charter flights.

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