• Looking for an exciting career? They sky’s the limit!

    It can be daunting trying to figure out which career option you should pursue.  The truth of the matter is, very few people actually have one career for the rest of their lives.  More often, people have a variety of careers.  Whether you are looking for your first career or your fourth, a career in aviation could be the adventure of your lifetime.  When it comes to finding the right aviation school Canada has a lot to offer.


    A career in aviation is, without a doubt, an adventure.  It takes a certain kind of person to excel in this career.  If you are adventurous, detail-oriented, and looking for a job that gets you out from behind a desk all day, aviation could be the field for you.  In fact, aviation is not just one career.  Within the field, there are many different positions available, each one suited to a variety of different aptitudes, skills and education.


    One of the first careers you probably think of when you think of a career in aviation might be an airline pilot.  The benefits of this career are many.  First, you get to travel the world!  Second, you can work for either private companies or commercial airlines or, if you are really lucky, perhaps a private client!  Flying around the world is a fun and exhilarating way to spend your days.

    Flight attendant

    Another career in aviation that might interest you is that of a flight attendant.  You can also travel the world in this role, while playing a valuable and rewarding customer service role to your passengers.

    Airline mechanic

    If you are more of a hands-on person looking for a career in aviation, why not consider the career of an airline mechanic?  This is particularly well suited to someone who already has a mechanical background, as many of the skills are transferrable.  Even if you have no previous mechanical experience, however, this can be a rewarding field if you like to work with your hands.

    Air traffic controller

    This is perhaps one of the most challenging jobs in the aviation field.  You are in charge of keeping communication with pilots and co-ordinating the movement of their aircraft to ensure that landings, takeoffs and flight patterns are executed safely and uneventfully.

    Other aviation careers include careers in avionics, flight engineers and even astronauts!  Many astronauts start out as pilots, either commercially or in the military.

    The level and type of education you will require for a career in aviation depends largely upon the particular job you are seeking.  Flight attendants may not be required to have a university education, but they may be required to take specialized classes in things like first aid and airline regulations.  Pilots, by contrast, will require extensive education.  In most cases, you’ll require a university education as well as a certain number of flying hours in order to get your pilot’s license.  You will also be required to pass a physical examination to test things such as your eyesight to determine your fitness to fly.

    To be an astronaut, you’ll need extensive education.  You’ll typically need a bachelor’s degree in a field such as science, math or engineering as well as extensive physical before you can even become a candidate to study to be an astronaut.  From that point, you’ll undergo extensive training on a wide variety of things that you’ll need to learn before you can conquer the final frontier.


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