• Plan a Vacation in one of the Historical Indian city – Mysore

    The city of archeological structure and popular monuments is indeed Mysore. Being one of the most beautiful places of India, this area reflects the heritage and culture of ancients India. The place is easy to reach as it is well connected by air, road and rails. Cabs and bus service are available throughout the day and night. Hotels and Resorts Near Mysore are strategically located and add to the ease of travelers. It is heavily crowded during the months of October and November for celebrating one of the famous Indian festival of Dussehra. Mysore palace is one of the oldest palaces and is the most popular one,. It has now been converted into a museum showcasing royal ceremonial dresses and jewelry of that era. The palace looks glamorous, especially on Sunday as it is lit up by 96,000 bulbs on its exterior side. The Chamundeshwari temple is one of the popular holy place with great historical and religious significance. The pleasant and soothing climate not only forced the kings to make their palaces in this area, but also attracts tourists throughout the year.Plan a Vacation in one of the Historical Indian city – Mysore
    For nature lovers and photographers, Mysore is an ideal place. The lush green environment, the presence of a large number of parks and bird sanctuaries and the perfectly located lakes that seem to kiss the sky are just breathtaking. Boat rides across the Karanji lakes with small tit bits and munch is a common activity. Brindavan Garden is a place ideal for a perfect evening with nature. It is also a hot spot for newly married couple for its cozy and romantic environment. Shopping is the most desired activity in any trip or outing. Hence Mysore is associated with special Kanjeevaramsarees made, especially in handlooms and represent the traditional culture of the place. Also sandalwood sticks, show pieces or just a simple chunk of it is a must buy as its beautiful fragrance guarantees its originality. Souvenirs and other fancy items are widely available throughout the place. For food lovers, Mysore Dosa is a must try. It is generally served with special Chutney and Sambhar which are traditional preparations along with the main dish. They are widely available throughout the city and tastes best when eaten at a street stall of roadside caf. The Mysore Pak is a lip smacking sweet dish which is not only consumed there, but also packed with huge cartoons for gifting and relishing even after the trip gets over.

    The city is beautiful, royal and peaceful. The residents are friendly and are ready to serve tourists in all possible ways. The increasing tourism is leading to increase in number of Best Hotels In Mysore. The city reflects the great Indian history, which may be absent in most of the texts and may surprise most of us.

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