• Rotary encoders, extra to your simulator

    One of the best extras that can be added to flight simulators FP are called rotary encoders or keypads. The encoders belong to the part of the instrumentation more specifically the primary flight controls as the heading indicator, indicator VOR, ADF indicator, etc …

    Flight SimulatorDepending on the model selected basic Simulation Panel or Pro FP, FP Simulation Simulation Single Panel or Panel Twin FP, rotary encoders also vary because the instrumentation is different.

    It is highly recommended to add this extra to your simulator, as it is economical and flight experience goes to another level. Forget about using the keypad to set the direction of the aircraft and do it like inside the cockpit of a real airplane. It can be adapted to all our models.

    The finish is very good as are perfectly suited to aluminum front panel without producing gaps between the screen and the exterior.

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